"Web of Lies" with Vienna's English Theatre

"Web of Lies" with Vienna's English Theatre

On 19 November 2019, our third classes attended a performance of Vienna’s English Theatre at the Stadttheater Wiener Neustadt.

The play “Web of Lies” by Sean Aita is about 15-year-old Lena who finds it hard to realise her dream to become a singer because her mother has other plans for her. She is supposed to study medicine and become a doctor. When her best friend Charlie records her while she sings, a talent scout wants to meet her and Lena senses her chance. She arranges to meet “Danny", a photographer. As it turns out, however, he is a fraud who drugs her to shoot some revealing pictures while she is unconscious. Lena agrees to meet him again to avoid the publication of these shots. As the audience’s suspense is at its highest, something unexpected happens, which will not be unveiled to keep up the tension for future spectators.

We enjoyed the plot and the vivid, enthusiastic performance. Even though the play was in English, it was very easy to follow and to understand. All in all, the show is really worth seeing, as it is both entertaining and enlightening.