Shakespeare's "Hamlet" on stage at Wiener Neustadt

To be or not to be...


The cast of Vienna’s English Theatre pulled off a fantastic performance of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” on 31 January in Wiener Neustadt’s city theatre. They allowed us a special insight into the hard work and effort put into this masterpiece.

Let’s begin with the astonishing scenery of the play, which consisted of British tabloid newspapers headlines quoting, “Something rotten in the state of Denmark” or “Your noble son is mad!”. These catchy titles represent modern day society and show us how the world would have react if young Hamlet and his beloved Ophelia had lived through their tragedy in a century dedicated to gossip.

Moving on to the acting, it has to be said that the actors’ use of language was fluent, but still easy to follow for non-native speakers like us. Their singing was very refined and pretty to listen to, while their acting was very professional and convinced the audience – their screaming made us jump, their crying made us feel their pain, and their fighting… well their fighting made most of us laugh, to be honest, which is no bad thing, since every good play has to make the audience laugh even if it is a tragedy.

All in all, it can be said that most of us enjoyed the play a lot and for that we are more than happy to recommend a visit to the English Theatre to every school, class, teacher and student.


Isabella Bocman & Maja Popovic 4DK