"Pretty Shrewd“ with Vienna’s English Theatre

On 7 January 2020, our fourth classes took some time out and attended a performance of Vienna’s English Theatre at the Stadttheater Wiener Neustadt.

In the play “Pretty Shrewd” by Clive Duncan, Pete and his best friend Luke want to participate in the ‘Folk Fest Competition’ in order to win a recording contract. The competition takes place in Birmingham later that day.

Since the death of their parents, Pete, who is very protective, looks after his younger sister Bianca. Pete is not a fan of Bianca’s best friend Kate, who has a mocking attitude. Although Pete is watching Bianca carefully, he hasn’t noticed that his best friend Luke and his sister Bianca are a secret couple. They are afraid of Pete’s reaction and therefore they want to wait and tell him about their relationship after the competition.

Unfortunately, Pete catches them red-handed while they are kissing. He overreacts and kicks his singing partner and best friend out marking the end of their singing duo. Kate comes to rescue; she intends to tame Pete in four stages. Therefore, she offers to sing together with him in the contest and he gives in because he has no other choice. Now the question remains who will tame who?

We students enjoyed the plot and the vivid, enthusiastic performance. Granted, we were caught off guard by their singing talents. The play was easy to follow and understand due to their distinct pronunciation. All in all, the show is really worth seeing, as it is both entertaining and enlightening.

Christine Ramsenthaler und Amina Keric, 4AK